Helping buyers and sellers with Multi-family properties.

Why Multi-family?

Multi-family is in high demand,
buying or selling

At Blue Real Estate, we believe that acquiring Multi-family properties is the number #1 investment you can make. Investing in Multi-family properties can be a vehicle to increase your monthly cash flow, wealth building strategies, retirement savings, college savings and many more.

Why buy a multi-family property?

To build wealth or Cashflow

Buying process

made easy

1. Pre-approval Letter

You have decided to buy a multi-family property.  The first step to the get a pre-approval letter from a bank.  Your agent also was working relationships with banks and they can help you with that.

2. Property Shopping

Now that you have a pre-approval letter from a bank,  you can go shopping for properties that meet your criteria. Your agent will help you with that. 

3. Inspection

You have now identified a property and placed an offer on it. Congratulations, your offer was accepted.  Now it is time to hire an home inspector to find out what is wrong with the property.

4. Closing

This is the last stage. The bank as approved you and funded you the money to close on the property.  You are now an owner of a Multi-family property.

Thinking of selling

Get top dollar in any market

The current market is looking to pay top dollar for Multi-family properties.  Sellers are receiving multiple offers in today’s market.

The 5 stages of selling

and getting top dollar

There are five simple steps when putting your property on the market.  Each step plays an important role in get top dollar.

1. Property Valuation

Initially you want a property valuation to educate what our property is worth in today’s market.  We will look at recent sold, active and pending properties.

2. Hire a Specialist

It’s in your best interest to hire an agent to knows how to deal with Multi-family properties.  

3. Prep the Property

Before putting the property on the market, we want to make the property showable to buyers.  Addressing any minors problems if possible.

3. Marketing

Great! Your property is ready to be exposed to all the qualified buyers.  The first place a buyer will their search is online.  This is where majority of our efforts will place to get maximum exposure. 

4. Offers

Once you start receiving offers, there are two important components that needs to be reviewed. That is price and terms of the offer.


We are at the last stage which is closing. This is where you will receive the your money for the sell of the property. 

Our Listing Plans

each client is unique


happy clients

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.
It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.